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Simple Steps to Declutter and Organize Your Bookcases

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While bookcases offer accessible storage for your favourite books and other items, they can also look too busy or cluttered.

Organizing your bookcase allows you to maintain a stylish, functional, and cozy feel in your room without being too messy.

This article will run you through some organizing tips to transform your bookcase into a dreamy and classy addition to your home.

Start with a Blank Slate

The best advice you can get when organizing your bookcase is to start with a blank slate. It would help if you saw your bookcase bare to assess its shape and design, and then you can plan how you want to organize it accordingly.

This is also a great time to give your books and shelves a dusting and a wipe down with a damp towel.

Take everything off the shelves and carefully sort them into piles based on their level of importance and frequency of use.

Get Rid of Some Books

Having a lot of books is not a bad thing, but if you find that you are consistently not using them and they are cluttering up your shelves, it may be time to get rid of some of them.

You can even hold a book swap with family and friends or donate them to a charity so that they can be enjoyed by someone else.

Choose an Organization System

There are many ways to categorize your books, and you should choose a system that will work for you. Do you want to organize them by genre? By author? By colour? By size? Or maybe you want to keep them in alphabetical order based on their title.

If you want a personalized library where you can find the book you need depending on the genre you are in the mood for, you can organize it by genre.

If you want to make your bookshelf look like a work of art, you can organize your books by colour. You can create a rainbow theme or follow a pattern.

Have the Encyclopedias on the Bottom Shelves

Encyclopedias and 1,000-page novels tend to be heavy, and there is potential for them to topple over if you keep them on the top shelf.

While they may look visually appealing and it’s tempting to put them at eye level, it is best to keep them on the bottom shelf where they are out of harm’s way.

Visually Appealing Stacks

You can make your bookshelves more visually appealing by stacking a few books together and arranging them vertically. This can visually break up your bookshelf and draw the eyes to a focal point instead of being monotonous.

Additional D├ęcor

Adding decorative items such as photos, decorative backends, storage baskets, and houseplants to your bookshelves can add a lot to your room.

By using meaningful items to you, you can add a pop of colour or a splash of personality to your room without overcrowding your bookshelves.

Customize Your Shelving Space

Make your bookcase your own by changing the shelving space to fit your needs. You can move shelves around, get shorter shelves, or even install higher shelves so that you can maximize the functionality and usage of your space.

You can also paint your bookcase to match the theme of your room so that it blends in with the rest of the decor.


Organizing your bookcase can be a lot of fun when you know where to start and what to do. Having an organized bookcase can help you keep your books organized, your room clutter-free, and your bookshelves look fabulous.

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