Delivering design excellence.
Welcoming real estate agents, developers, contractors, architects, and interior designers to partner with us in connecting clients with exceptional outcomes.

Our Design & Trade program offers partnerships with those in the business of building, designing, and selling beautiful homes, boosting their effectiveness in serving clients. By offering these partners privileged access to customized Canadian-made solid wood furniture and services, we help them deliver aesthetically exceptional outcomes.

With design trends pointing squarely towards customization, this is an opportunity to connect clients with what they truly crave. The more personalized you can make your design offerings, the better served modern, high end consumers will feel.

We enable our partners in design and trade to meet that growing need for rare design elements at the best prices, with expert support. Our sales staff will make the process of delivering what clients truly want seamless, efficient, and cost-effective.

Become our Design & Trade partner and you will gain access to:

  1. Our complete suppliers list
  2. Advance notification of all sales and promotions
  3. New product line updates
  4. Assistance with customizing furniture as per client requirements
  5. Consultation to select colours and fabric
  6. Delivery and set up services

Together, we can provide exceptional service to a more discriminating marketplace. Join our program today.

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