Cane Oval Bed

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Assembled Dimensions: Single: 43W x 79D x 48H, Queen: 64W x 84D x 48H

Shipping Dimensions:

Single: Box 1/3 (HB): 47 x 51 x 5 Box 2 (FB): 47 x 30 x 5 Box 3 (SR & SL): 83 x 10 x 11,

Queen: Box 1/2 (HB): 79 x 5 x 51 Box 2/2 (FB): 79 x 5 x 30 Box 3/3 (Side): 13 x 10 x 85

No. of Boxes: 3


Country of Origin: India

Assembly Required: Y

Wood Finish: Black and Natural Bamboo Rattan

Metal Finish: None

Fabric Colour:  None

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By LH Imports


For any piece of furniture, we recommend:

  • Avoiding exposure to direct sunlight to prevent fading and cracking.
  • Keeping your furniture placement from any heating or cooling sources to prevent cracking.
  • Using coasters and placemats for all hot or cold dishes and cups.
  • Using felt tabs for decor items.
  • Being aware that heavily dyed fabrics such as denim jeans can transfer on to your lighter furniture and cause discoloration.
  • Avoiding possible discoloration by spot testing in an unnoticeable surface before application.
  • Wiping up any spills immediately with a dry clean cloth or when necessary a warm damp cloth and mild soap.
  • Avoiding the use of harsh household cleaners.


We recommend dusting furniture regularly with a microfiber cloth (or a lint-free cloth). This helps remove abrasive buildup that can damage a finish over time.

Every few months or once a year we recommend using a quality wood furniture polish to enhance the finish and keep your furniture looking new. A light application can go a long way.


Cane Oval Bed

$2,204.00 $3,066.00
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