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4 Amazing Benefits of Reclined Seating

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If you’re like most people, you likely spend a significant portion of your day seated. Getting up to stretch or walk around often feels like a breath of fresh air for your tense muscles and tired bones, as you’re encouraging blood to circulate more freely to these areas. For this reason, it’s crucial to get comfortable office furniture like a chair you can recline in from time to time, as it will prevent you from staying in the same position for hours.

Additionally, according to a study from the early aughts, sitting upright in a chair for a long time leads to chronic back pain as you’ll remain in a 90-degree position for many hours. Opening up your hips to at least 135 degrees will provide the relief you need to stay comfortable as you work at your desk. Here are four amazing benefits of getting a reclined chair:

1. It’s Better for Your Back

The ideal position for your back is a slightly reclined position where you’ll be sitting at a 135-degree angle instead of a 90-degree angle like most office chairs are designed to have. A 135-degree sitting posture was observed to be the best biomechanical position, according to researcher Waseem Amir Bashir, MBChB, a clinical fellow in the radiology and diagnostic imaging department at the University of Alberta Hospital. He stated that sitting in the ideal anatomic position is best for preventing back pain, as doing so otherwise will strain the spine and its associated ligaments.

2. It Relieves Back Pain

Sitting in a reclined chair drastically reduces back pain. Being in the standard 90-degree angle in your typical office chair for long periods means gravity compresses your spine for these same hours. Spinal compression without any relief will reduce synovial fluid in the vertebral discs, leading your spine bones or vertebra to fall and rub into each other. As a result, you’ll experience nerve pinches and disc herniations, which can be incredibly painful and even lead to permanent spinal damage.

3. It Puts Less Load on Your Spine

Reclined seating allows your spine to lengthen and lean back while keeping your hips angled forward. This position prevents gravity from pushing an upright spine on top of itself, relieving it of additional pressure or load. While the effects may not be noticeable right away, sitting in a reclined position can prevent someone from suffering disc, bone, nerve, and muscle breakdown in the back.

4. It’s Backed by Science

The benefits of reclining in a chair are supported by science. Canadian and Scottish researchers conducted a study in 2006, where they examined 22 volunteers in Aberdeen, who sat in three different positions: slouching, sitting at 90 degrees, and sitting in a reclined position at 135 degrees. According to the results, the 135-degree position was more effective in preventing disc slide and compression.

Still, a researcher noted that although the 135-degree angle offered much more spinal relief, the angle makes it more likely for sitters to slide out of the chair. According to Dr. Bashir, who led the study, the reclined position must be at 120 degrees or less to receive the most benefits possible.


Reclined seating is highly beneficial to people of all ages, as it takes most of the pressure away from the spine, preventing permanent back issues from occurring. By investing in office or home furniture with reclined seating, you’ll enjoy more comfort while giving your back the care it needs.

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