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How to Find the Right Wood Furniture to Match Your Home

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In this modern time, there is no strict rule when it comes to interior design. The new trend is to mix and match styles and periods, depending on what vibes you aim to have. While there is more freedom and versatility to the feel you want to have in your place, there are still some basic rules to know to ensure that your chosen furniture will blend well together.

Some of the best types of furniture to have at home are ones made of wood. Furniture pieces made from wood are highly durable and require little maintenance. They add a warm and welcoming feeling to your place. Furthermore, they are long-lasting and can remain beautiful for generations as long as you choose the quality ones. However, they can also be tricky to mix with other furniture.

If you want to make an excellent wooden furniture investment, here are some guidelines that can help you ensure they would look great with your other existing furniture.

Tip 1: Be Mindful of the Dominant Wood Tone

One of the secrets to making sure everything goes well is finding a dominant wood tone to serve as your base for all wood furniture you purchase or have custom-made. If you already have an existing wooden floor, you can start with that. If none yet, decide on one shade you want to reflect the most in your house. Choose the bigger furniture pieces with that shade. Then, feel free to combine other shades of wood in smaller pieces throughout the space. That would create the illusion of coherence throughout the room.

Tip 2: Watch Out for the Undertones

If you are more fond of choosing different wood tones or have no other choice but to do so, you can still make them look good together. You only need to select those that have matching undertones. Woods, like the skin, have different undertones: warm, cool, and neutral.

Determine which one you prefer and choose pieces of furniture under that category. The same rule applies if you plan to make custom wood furniture for your place. Following this tip would help make everything seamlessly blend, even if they are made from different types of wood.

Tip 3: Do Not Be Afraid to Create Contrast

Furniture pieces that look great together do not always have to be in the same colour or shade. You can make them look better by providing a little contrast to your space. Exploring depths in terms of colours and shades can make the whole place look attractive to the eye. For example, you can pair your dark wood floor with warm-toned wooden chairs. Make sure the pairing is visible throughout the space to provide the eyes with some continuity.

Tip 4: Do Not Forget the Rug

Sometimes, the missing piece that your room needs is a rug. Adding a different element that perfectly goes well with everything in the house makes the entire room blend well. Perhaps your chosen furniture all has the same tone or undertone. Placing a rug can break that monotonous feel and help them look good together. Find the right rug pattern that would make the perfect contrast. Bold and patterned rugs usually help similar furniture stand out.


Wood-made furniture is a great piece to have at home, but it can be tricky once combined with other materials in a house. While these rules can serve as your guide, it is still up to your taste and vision what kind of furniture you need to complete your home. Finding the right pieces can sometimes be frustrating, but custom wood furniture will never fail you.

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