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Check Out These Popular Custom Furniture Trends!

Biscaro bar stools at a custom made high table.
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One of the best ways for homes to get a luxe upgrade is by having custom furniture made for it. Quality does not have to be compromised as you bring your dream home to life! No matter what needs you have and what lifestyle you live, custom-made furniture is undoubtedly perfect for you.

Going the custom route also means you have complete control of the materials used and the overall design. That way, your pieces will be entirely unique for you and your home. Understandably, this venture can sound rather daunting at first, but there’s a key starting point for everything.

Read on to learn more about popular custom furniture trends to give you an idea of what you can opt for:

THE TREND: Classic Eco-Conscious Furniture

When ‘custom furniture’ comes up in conversation, people tend to think of solid wood. Rightfully so, as it’s a long-time traditional trend that will likely never die down. In that case, classic shapes, rustic browns, and preserved grains are the norm. As the years go by, natural materials are more and more appealing to consumers.

That said, sustainability is also growing as a global trend. Mindful shopping habits are clearly reflected in the purchase decisions of many homeowners all over the world. Custom furniture fits into this easily because many of them can be designed to look classic while being environmentally friendly.

THE TREND: Higher Tables and Barstools

Adding height to both barstools and high tables has become a popular trend recently. That’s because the pieces have gone beyond bar use. Today, they’re seen as a great way for the mood in any home to be elevated considerably.

When there’s a high table in a space, it’s an open invitation for relaxation. Guests can just pull up a stool and chill out. No matter what room it’s used in, there are both fun and functional benefits to it. One of the best advantages to these pieces is the ability to motivate people to get work done.

THE TREND: Mix and Match

Minimalism and a uniform look are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Creativity is preferred instead, with unique spaces being created through mixing and matching different fixtures. This trend is easily reflected in functional custom pieces, including unique accents, custom-built shelves, and unusual table designs to anchor a living room.

THE TREND: Notable Statement Pieces

The colour and size of furniture play a significant role in making a home one-of-a-kind. One of the revived trends to this end is large harvest tables. For a more modern take, explore many different colours and designs.

Keep These Tips in Mind When Getting Custom Furniture Made

  • Make sure to plan things out beforehand
  • Decide exactly will be worth customizing
  • Look into multiple samples of materials
  • Read the fine print of your chosen store’s policies


Custom-made furniture has plenty of benefits for homeowners, primarily that it affords a luxe upgrade to your decor. It’s important to plan things out beforehand and look into multiple samples before getting anything done. Popular trends for custom furniture include notable statement pieces, higher tables and barstools, as well as classic, eco-conscious pieces.

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