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5 Tips to Achieve a Modern Interior Look With Wood Furniture

Solid wood furniture round dining room table and chairs
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Modern interior look often uses wood as an accent because it adds rich character to many spaces. However, the main design dilemma is how to integrate wood into colourful or contemporary interiors.

Learn to blend wood dining tables, dressers, cabinets, and more into your existing interior decor using the right balancing of colours, textures, and styles. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Mix-and-Match Wood Furnishings in Different Tones

If you’re unsure how to pair and balance style with wood furniture, pairing different wood tones is generally a safe option. Wood finishes usually have yellow, red, orange, dark brown, or blue-gray undertones.

Decorate your wood furniture by mixing accent pieces with similar undertones, regardless of whether the finish is lighter or darker. You can balance the scheme together with neutral paint colours and materials.

2. Style Wood Furniture With Vintage Pieces

You can achieve a mix of modern and antique looks by styling wood furniture with vintage pieces. Two ways of doing so are surrounding a wood dining table with midcentury chairs or simply placing dishware inside an heirloom hutch.

Try mixing and matching wood furniture from different eras or different styles. One tip is that an aged appearance often ties assorted pieces together.

3. Adopt Deep-Coloured Dark Wood Furniture

An all-white room with dark wood furniture can seem out of place. But instead of trying to balance out deep stains with light and airy colours, try embracing a moody palette of saturated paint colours.

A bedroom can be styled with dark cherry furniture with charcoal gray walls, creating a cozy, cocoon-like area. You can then finish the design with small doses of white to prevent a totally gloomy look.

4. Paint Wood Furniture With a New Colour

If you can’t or simply don’t want to decorate your place with a dark wood finish, then you can try painting over the furniture with a fresh colour. Begin with neutral hues that blend with the furniture’s traditional appearance for a safe look, or you can go bold with an accent colour that stands out.

You may also easily upgrade your furniture by swapping out existing hardware with modern knobs and pulls. You may also line the back of furniture with glass doors and patterned wallpaper.

5. Match Wood Furniture With Painted Pieces

If you choose to decorate a room with dark wood furniture, you need to mix and match pieces carefully. Dark finishes like cherry and walnut, especially when you use too many pieces, can make the room look heavy and overcrowded.

If you have an entire set of furniture for the room, pick the one that stands out the most, and you can just ditch the rest. You can place those other pieces in other rooms or give them to someone else.

The important thing is that you balance out the dark wood pieces with painted or metal finishes to look good overall.


Styling your interior with a mix of modern and a touch of vintage or contemporary styles can be exquisitely done only if you know how to mix and match and balance the pieces for a pulled-together look. Choose not to go overboard with wood furniture and know how to incorporate different colours, textures, and finishes in one look.

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