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How to Pick the Best Coffee Table for You: A Guide

Coffee Table
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Picture this. It’s a sunny afternoon and you want to take time to relax. A steaming mug in hand, you make your way through the living room and place your items on a beautiful coffee table. It’s the perfect cosy spot to enjoy your time off.

Aside from being beautiful decor, the coffee table is very functional. It is arguably the most vital piece of your living room set. If you’re having trouble deciding what coffee table fits your home best, here are a few tips to remember.

Find the Perfect Shape

Whereas dining tables are traditionally square or rectangular, the smaller size of the coffee table allows it to come in various shapes. Always keep in mind how it will tie into the room it will be placed in.

Rectangular tables can typically host more seating around them, which is perfect for those who regularly hold dinners or live with a number of people. More circular coffee tables do take up less space, allowing you to maximise the area more.

Find the Perfect Material

Another consideration to bear in mind would be the material your coffee table is made of. Make sure to find the material that fits the colour scheme of your living room. You can also pick a table based on how sturdy it should be. If you want longer-lasting furniture, the material has to be durable.

You can find all types of coffee table material to suit your preferences. Some coffee tables come completely made of wood, while others have marble finishing or a glass top.

Make Sure It Fits

Before you complete your coffee table purchase, know how it fits into your living area. Be sure to measure all the angles so that you know what to get.

If you can’t find exactly the size you need, then it’s best to try custom-made furniture. It will certainly help you find the perfect fit for your home.

Know Its Purpose

Coffee tables have multiple purposes. Aside from its namesake, the coffee table can hold a number of items. You can leave several books there for visitors to browse through. You can also find a coffee table that’s made for storing photo albums and memories.

While picking your coffee table, be sure to choose with a purpose. Try to visualise how you will use it. If you can picture yourself perfectly, then you’ve found the right coffee table.

Choose One That Feels the Most You

At the end of the day, the person who will benefit the most from your coffee table is you. Despite everything, be sure to choose the coffee table that will reflect how you feel about your home.

When you choose the coffee table that resonates with you the most, you will enjoy it from days on end.


A sturdy and stylish coffee table is all you need to complete your living room. Paired with the perfect furniture set, it will surely bring together your vision and make your space more personal and homey.

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