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Great Ways to Maintain Your Wood Furniture with Care

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A lot of high-quality solid wood furniture all over the world is actually a precious heirloom for many families. Four-poster beds are often passed down from generation to generation, as well as chests, tables, desks, drawers, and more. However, scratches, abrasions and similar damage are likely when proper care isn’t exercised.

A good rule of thumb when buying new furniture is to make sure you ask for care instructions that are as detailed as possible. If you already have wood furnishings at home, you need to make sure you’re maintaining it with the proper care. Here are some great ways to do just that:

Address the Wear and Tear

In truth, wood furniture will likely end up with a ding, scratch, or something similar during its life cycle. Minor concerns like scratches can be solved through a liquid polish. More intense issues like deeper scratches or something of that sort will need a more intensive solution. Sometimes, painting damaged furniture actually works out pretty nicely. It will give the wooden furniture a “facelift” much like re-staining would. However, painting has the added benefit of eliminating the need to get sanding on your furniture.

Be Mindful of the Way the Furniture Is Used

Wooden tables can get damaged by hot food or the bottom of drinking vessels like mugs or glasses. Use coasters, potholders, and trivets where appropriate. Don’t forget to protect your table from any drinks or food that may spill over: use a tablecloth and/or placemats.

Keep It Safe from the Elements

This kind of furniture would be best kept away from contact with the elements. Heat and sunlight are particular agitators that should be avoided at all costs. As much as possible, keep wood furniture away from fireplaces, vents, or windows that are left without cover so that natural light shines through. Aside from fading, wood that gets exposed to the elements will end up damaged.

Make Sure to Dust on a Regular Basis

Cleaning the tops and ledges of your home every day is important, right? The last thing anyone wants is an accumulation of dust anywhere. Your wood furniture deserves the same treatment. Run a soft cloth over the surface at least once a day. It could even be the likes of cloth diapers or cotton t-shirts. When airborne party particles are left on a wooden surface long enough, they will start to form a problematic film. If that isn’t addressed immediately, that will equate to some scratches that could have been avoided completely. 

Make Sure Dry Wood Gets Oiled Up Again

There is a tendency for wood furniture stored for a long time to get rather dry. In those cases, re-oiling is in order. Anyone looking into adding a protective coating for extra protection down the line should wait 24 hours for it to set.


High-quality wood furniture is a great asset to any home. Maintenance and proper care are crucial for the pieces to last as it is passed down to generations. To properly care for wood furniture, dust on a regular basis, get dry wood oiled again, and keep it safe from the elements. 

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