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5 Good Reasons to Choose Solid Wood Furniture

Solid wood furniture in the showroom of a furniture store in Surrey, BC.
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Talk to interior designers or even other homeowners, and they’ll tell you – no matter what innovative furniture material might come up, nothing can compare to solid custom wood furniture when it comes to aesthetics and durability. 

True, veneers are a good option, too, but only if you intend to use them just for a short while. If you want pieces that would last you for years and you could even pass on to your children, you should opt for solid wood. Still not convinced? Here are five good reasons to choose solid wood furniture over other materials for furniture:

Reason #1: Solid Wood Furniture Is Highly Durable

There’s no comparison. Solid wood just lasts longer than other materials. Yes, it requires some TLC, but if you do take care of them properly, you can even turn your furniture pieces into family heirlooms! There’s a reason antique furniture items are mostly made of solid wood and why we still have some Queen Anne and Victorian pieces to this day.

Reason #2: They Have More Character

As the years pass, your solid wood furniture will age like fine wine and look more a part of your home and your family than ever before. In fact, solid wood pieces often look better with signs of age. In comparison, veneer, laminated boards, and other materials can turn into an eyesore after just a couple of years.

Even if solid wood gets scratches or bumps, they usually just give the piece more character.

Reason #3: Every Piece Is Unique

Even if the furniture pieces belong to the same set or series, you can be sure that there are no two pieces that are exactly alike if they’re made of solid wood. It’s because there are no two pieces with the exact same wood grain pattern, which means every piece you have is one of a kind.

Reason #4: The Value Can Get Higher as Years Pass

Because of its qualities, solid wood furniture is often more expensive to buy. After all, you pay for the durability, the superior material, and the excellent craftsmanship. That said, those qualities that make them pricier are the same things that give them a higher value. Remember that you don’t buy solid furniture to use for a few months or years. You get them because you want pieces that would last for decades! And if you are able to maintain their look, after a few decades, you can sell them as antique pieces if you wish!

Reason #5: They Elevate the Look of Any Space

Imagine your living room with veneer or laminated board furniture. You simply wouldn’t achieve the same elegance and timelessness that you would with solid wood, especially if it’s custom wood furniture that truly stands out. Wood in itself looks elegant and when matched with exceptional craftsmanship.


These are just five reasons to opt for solid wood over other materials when it comes to your home furniture. So, when you choose what pieces to get from a furniture store, make sure that you greatly consider investing in high-quality solid wood furniture. Of course, it would even be better if you would get custom wood furniture that is made specially to suit your taste and your needs. This way, you can get functional pieces that will surely match the aesthetic you are going for.

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